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Take part in our survey about working carers

There are 6.5 million carers in the UK. Around half of carers combine work with unpaid caring – 10% of all working carers are caring for someone living with dementia. Many of these carers leave their employment because of the care they provide to family and friends. As the population ages and the demand for care increases, the effects of losing carers from the workforce will grow. This is hugely costly to the economy, and also to the personal financial situation of carers. By offering more flexible terms of employment, working carers can continue to stay in work, and unlock significant economic gains.

Working with academic colleagues in Newcastle University Business School, the Dementia Hub is developing online training aimed at supporting working carers of people living with dementia. Their aim is to increase awareness and knowledge to enable working carers to gain confidence and feel supported to remain in work if they wish. By understanding the challenges faced by working carers, the Dementia Hub may also help employers identify how they can provide the right type of support.

By learning from the experience of working carers of people living with dementia, we can obtain valuable insights into common experiences, and understand the key challenges. If you are a working carer of someone living with dementia, now or previously, please consider completing one of the below surveys. These will help the Dementia Hub to develop insights into the challenges and experiences of working carers of people living with dementia.

There are three surveys, depending on your situation.  Surveys will take 20-30 minutes to complete and will be available online until 22nd December. Please click the link for the survey that applies to you.

a) If you are currently working and caring, please use the link below
b) If you were a working carer, but you no longer have caring responsibilities, please use the link below
c) If you were a working carer, but you have since left work to provide care, please use the link below
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